Us, the volunteers, are mainly responsible for non school related activities - supported by a salaried employee. Everything taking place on weekends and during holidays concerns us. We work voluntarily, without a salary.

We, the volunteers, are mainly students and pupils, so we're only slightly older than our participants.

We participated in trainings to intensively prepare for the work in ESR and we regularly take part in qualification seminars.

Having fun is at least as important as the contents of our work!.

Leonie Groß-Usai

I have been actively involved in the ESR's youth work since 2013, when I was trained as a volunteer at the age of 16. I have also been a member of the ESR board since 2017 and am now its chairperson. Through the ESR, I have also trained as a volunteer for general class conferences and those on the topic of war and peace. I also studied law in Bonn and am doing a doctorate in it. In my free time, I like to play Skyrim or Stardew Valley or knot various things.

Rahel Düx

In summer 2019, I was a team member at the ESR for the first time. I then became a member of the association. I've also been on the board for over a year. Through the ESR, I discovered my interest in working with young people, which is why I'm studying educational science at the University of Cologne.

As an volunteer, I've mainly been involved in the summer camps and the occasional cooking weekend. But I'm looking forward to new projects of all kinds in the future. I also hope to gain experience in educational work with the ESR. Peace work, intersectional feminism and interreligious exchange are topics that interest me a lot.

One of my favorite memories of the ESR is how we sing together, whether in the upper club room, on the beach or at the campfire in front of the BK-Heim

Rania Hamkou

Eva Kühnle

Jörn Schulzen

Marcel Usai

Gremienarbeit, Friedensbildungstage, Erlebnisfreizeiten

E-mail: marcel.usai@ekir.de

Laura Wontroba





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