29.5. – 2.6.2024 | Learning peace - possible?

Peace Building Certificate Course - Peacemaker Training

The escalating conflict in Ukraine has brought war and its consequences to the attention of young people in a new way. On the one hand, there is a great desire for a world without war and hope for a peaceful world. On the other hand, young people lack alternatives to the widely presented logic of war and security.

But how do I work with young people in a group context on this topic? How do we start a conversation about ideas of peace? What knowledge is needed to turn young people into "experts" in dealing with conflicts in a non-violent way? (Photo by Peter Steiner)

With the peace education qualification, you will acquire basic skills to implement peace education in different contexts.

As a peace building practitioner you
> have knowledge of violence and conflicts,
> can understand current conflicts,
> have an attitude towards war and violence,
> create opportunities in which participants can develop their attitudes,
> encourage non-violent conflict resolution,
> motivate commitment to peace
> and react sensitively to participants' experiences of war.

In terms of a broad and positive understanding of peace, you will also focus on other peace-related topics such as environmental protection, social justice and democracy education.

After the training, you will be able to organize workshops, group lessons or seminars that focus on the topic of peace. You will have didactic knowledge about peace education work, know different methods and be able to apply them. In addition, by observing a peace seminar - or a practical reflection - you will be well prepared to design peace education programs yourself.

Specifically, we will:

> acquire knowledge about violence and conflict,
> (Further) develop our concept of peace and the associated attitude,
> practice thinking in terms of peace logic,
> gain experience with non-violent conflict transformation,
> get to know the various topics of peace education,
> to examine the conditions under which we offer political education,
> find out what needs to be considered when planning and implementing educational programs
> and of course try out many methods ourselves

The training includes a practical part that can be completed as an internship at a peace education seminar with pupils at the Hackhauser Hof.

Target group

Volunteers, full-time staff and students aged 18 and older.

The ESR organizes the course in cooperation with the Protestant youth education center Hackhauser Hof.

You can register on their website here.
You can find the PDF registration form here.

Age: 18+
Participation fee: 164€

29.5. – 2.6.2024 (, )

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