About us

Part of the Protestant Youth but still very special...


Marei Schmoliner
Charity Graf


Us, the volunteers, are mainly responsible for non school related activities - supported by two salaried employees. Everything taking place on weekends and during holidays concerns us. We work voluntarily, without a salary.

We, the volunteers, are mainly students and pupils, so we're only slightly older than our participants.

We participated in trainings to intensively prepare for the work in ESR and we regularly take part in qualification seminars.

Having fun is at least as important as the contents of our work!.


Any good association needs a board - and so does ESR.

Its members are elected by the general meeting taking place at least once a year.

The executive board is composed of the chairwoman and her representative as well as the treasurer. Another member of the board is usually elected from the ranks of our volunteers.

The association

ESR is a youth asssociation founded more than 125 years ago, active in the area of protestant youth work, schools, international, intercultural work and peace education.

We're focussing our work on young people, mainly pupils.


Past news, events, publications and writing trips.