The house

The small island of Baltrum is situated in the midst of the East-Friesian Wadden Sea. And in the midst of this island, situated between dunes and salt marshes, there's the BK-Heim, belonging to ESR. BK-Heim is a self-catering house with basic standard


Dorms are simply equipped with bunk and single beds and cupboards, tables, chairs and lavatories (for the most part with warm and cold water). There are 65 beds altogether.


BK-Heim is a self-catering house meaning that all groups have to provide board themselves. For this purpose the house possesses of a big kitchen with a pantry and a cold storage room, which was newly built in 2007. This new kitchen is fully equipped for the catering for groups.

Living and working

The BK-Heim has 4 group rooms and a big dining hall (with ping pong table) that's also suitable for group activities.


The BK-Heim can be rented from March to November. We only rent the full house.


How to get there by car, by coach or train.

The island Baltrum

With 6,5 km2 Baltrum is the smallest of the inhabited East Friesian islands. The car-free island has approx. 500 inhabitants who are joined by hundreds of tourists during high season. In the North and East Baltrum has a sand beach, in the South the Wadden Sea is located.



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